Lokomotiv won the Russian championship last season and returned to the Champions League after 14 years.

With our technical partner Under Armour, we were inspired by the bright moments of our team's performance in the main European club tournament.

The red kit is one of the most memorable in the history of our club. Lokomotiv played in the Champions League against Real Madrid and Milan in red kit. We chose the red color as the main one for the home kit. All decorative design elements of the home kit are made in green and white.

Lokomotiv played in the white kit most of the away games last season. The white kit is a symbol of winning the championship. Away kit this season is also white. Decorative design elements of the form are made in green and red.

With our technical partner Under Armour, we decided to use a new, bright and unexpected color in the third kit. We remembered the purple kit of 2012, which our fans really liked. A purple T-shirt with a monochrome metal logo, white shorts and purple socks make the third set an original addition to home and away uniforms, which are made in the traditional colors for the club.

The outfit colours of the teams that preceded Lokomotiv - Kazanka and KOR - were way different from the temporary red-green combination. The Railwaymen of the time wore blue shirts and white trunks. But as the new Lokomotiv Sports Community emerged the outfit became dominated by red with a wide white vertical stripe. This outfit was worn during the opening ceremony in 1936. Later that season a steamer locomotive occasionally appeared on the stripe.

As for the red colour, there was nothing unusual about a Soviet team choosing it. But the vertical stripes became a hallmark of the Lokomotiv of the time.

At some point after the war it was decided to leave the red colour altogether but in 1954 it returned for good. The torso became red, with the sleeves and trunks white. The new outfit resembled that of Arsenal London.

Although red colour was not a must and was changed when necessary. In 1957 the Railwaymen opposed Spartak in the USSR Cup Final, and wore blue uniform. That case was an exception, just like another one when Lokomotiv players were all in yellow.

In 1979 Lokomotiv stroke their first sponsorship deal. Their partner Adidas developed a red uniform, adding two vertical white stripes with stars five years later. Then again, however, the Germans turned back to one white stripe.

In 1994 the Railwaymen signed a contract with Umbro who changed their outlook altogether. The Italians added a yellow horizontal line with their name on it, placing chaotic red spots against white background.

Since then Lokomotiv have been changing the design of the uniform annually. In 1995 yellow was replace with black which turned out to be a good choice. The following year the outfit again resembled the one from the 50s: red shirts with white sleeves. When Lokomotiv won their first Russian Cup they were wearing this uniform.

In 2000, the Diadora uniform kept these colours. In 2001 the T-shirts were all red with black stripes and white rims.

Green was added in 2002. By that time many Loko fans have been wearing red-green home-made scarves, and the club adopted the trend. At first only the digits and the sponsor's name were green, and two years on the colour painted the collars.

In a Supercup game Lokomotiv used a full-fledged red-green kit, recognizing the new club colours. Later the proportions of red and green varied, but in Season 2012/13 it was decided to return to the victorious combination of 2004.

In 2007 Lokomotiv wore gold shirts during the celebration of the victory in the Russian Cup.

In the 2014/15 season the green color in the home has become the predominant form. Red inserts on the sides remained. Also in red were made shorts and socks. It is in this kit Lokomotiv won a long-awaited trophy - the Russian cup. Guest uniform was white with small green insets on the sides of the T-shirt and shorts.

In 2015/2016 season new wear was designed using the latest technologies and most importantly – it’s red-and-green! The home kit is executed in the victorious red-green colours and has a white polo-collar. For the first time ever the main colour is green lined with red insets at the sides. The shoulders carry adidas’s trademark three stripes. Shorts and socks are red. The main colour of the away kit is white with dark stripes and high-contrast insets of red and green. 

For the first time in the club's history Lokomotiv adopt a green home kit. The away kit comes in the traditional white colour, and the goalkeeper kit is black.

We completed the home kit in season-2017/18 in the traditional color combination for the last seasons: green T-shirt, red panties and green leggings.

The second set of the kit is made in a combination of white and red colors. When creating the third set, it was decided to depart from the traditional practice: instead of contrasting with the other two forms of shade, we chose the combination of the primary colors of the RZD brand.