Ignatyev: We were playing well until Rifat got injured

Ignatyev: We were playing well until Rifat got injured

Lokomotiv’s midfielder Vlad Ignatyev comments on the outcome of the game against Atletico (0:2) in the Champions League.

- We started well. And we were playing well until Rifat got injured. Then we managed to save the score intact till half-time but in the beginning of the second half we conceded a goal after a throw-in though it was ours. In the episode with the second goal I missed at the ball. In the Russian Championship you get away with such mistakes, but not here.

- Were you hoping to level after conceding the first goal?

- Of course, the score was 0:1 and the entire second half was ahead. We had time. Unfortunately, our first chance came when the score was 0:2. But had Krychowiak scored… You always have to keep fighting.

- It looked like even after 0:2 you were careful with supporting offensives.

- Maybe I should have played a bit higher. But last time we played higher and conceded five goals, Atletico are very good at keeping the ball and shaking off pressure.

- What did you talk about in the dressing-room?

- Everyone is upset. But we shouldn’t give in. No time to cry. We’re taking on Tula soon. We have to win.

02 October 2019 2:18

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